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I am a singer/songwriter/composer/producer. I play keys mostly but I dabble in guitar/bass/drums and whatever instrument I can get my hands on. I find that producing is the best way to compose what I hear in my head so myself and co-producer/drummer Larry Willis bet on ourselves and went all in on music. it has not been easy, but through all the trials my calling to create has only gotten stronger and I hope to keep learning, making music, and collaborating my entire life.



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22 January
Caleb Boyle @ Instagram
16 September
On the edge at sunrise #grandcanyon
Caleb Boyle @ Instagram
06 July
Falcon out
Caleb Boyle @ Instagram
06 July
Beach house with the fam
Caleb Boyle @ Instagram
04 June
My band Redefining Color just released a 5 song album called Life! Check it out on our website:

Spotify: <a target="_blank" href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

iTunes: Life - EP by Redefining Color
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Caleb Boyle @ Instagram
31 May

‎Hi family, friends and followers. My band (Redefining Color) just released a five song EP called LIFE! Please give it a listen and tell your friends about us if you like the music. Thanks, love you all!

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06 March
Caleb Boyle @ Instagram
14 October

‎Caleb Boyle

14 October

‎Caleb's cover photo

14 October
Caleb Boyle @ Instagram
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