Kimberly Working on New Song

Kimberly Working on New Song

Kimberly was our ISINA Artist of the Month for November 2021. ISINA Mentors were wowed by her talent and vocal abilities, which you might expect because she’s been recording music and touring since she was eight years old!

Kimberly has been working hard the last couple of weeks on a very special new song, one written and composed by ISINA Mentor Walter Afanasieff himself!

Walter is producing the song remotely, as Kimberly is working from this sweet studio in Europe.

The studio belongs to one of the best upcoming producer/engineers Alex Hook (he’s also ISINA applicant!). Hook is helping with vocal production, recording, and mixing.

They’ve been at it for the past few weeks and feel it’s coming along very well.

We’ll have an interview and some video from the recording session coming soon. We can't wait to finish up this release and show you what we’ve created with the amazingly talented Kimberly!



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