Top Rated

Artist Track Length Team
JacobWilliam (You ) Im Not A Woman Im Not A Woman 3:55 Composers
Ryann Lecklider (You ) Love Affair Love Affair 2:55 Vocalists
JONI (You ) Chain You Chain You 3:46 Composers
Oleg Zavialov (You ) Fusion Solo Fusion Solo 1:24 Guitarists
Barbara Kiss (You ) Runaway Runaway 3:58 Vocalists
Jonathan Asperil (You ) Lingus Keyboard Solo on Guitar Lingus Keyboard Solo on Guitar 5:47 Guitarists
Tim Hendricks (You ) 'Here With Me' 'Here With Me' 3:27 Composers
Bryan Wilson (You ) Got Me Like Whoa Got Me Like Whoa 3:08 Vocalists
Respublica Mars (You ) Crazy Crazy 2:59 Instrumentalists
Sergey Pavloff (You ) Crauser Crauser 5:08 Guitarists
Olga Levit (You ) Careless Whisper (Cover) Careless Whisper (Cover) 4:38 Vocalists
Dominic Mancuso Group (You ) Live and Let Live Live and Let Live 3:34 Vocalists
Dmitriy Diomores (You ) Our love will stay Our love will stay 4:11 Composers
FEDE4REAL (You ) Demo songs for ND Demo songs for ND 16:37 Composers
Julia Pogosova (You ) Spente Le Stelle with "X Stream Opera" Spente Le Stelle with "X Stream Opera" 5:29 Vocalists
Sid Dahou (You ) I can_t save you ( Original ) I can_t save you ( Original ) 3:51 Vocalists
Taylor Risk (You ) Times are changing Times are changing 3:32 Composers
Bella B (You ) You Ruin Me You Ruin Me 3:56 Vocalists
Shannon Jae Prior (You ) Anymore Anymore 3:35 Vocalists
Darin Penner (You ) What Child Is This What Child Is This 3:56 Vocalists