Frequently Asked Questions

What is ISINA?

A worldwide talent search and development platform, Isina provides once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for artists from all over the world to truly showcase their talents. We bypass the traditional time‑consuming pathways for artists to be discovered, streamlining your route to the power brokers – labels, A&R executives, booking agents – who can help you reach your full potential and audience.

Who runs ISINA?

Isina was created by music industry executives and producers who were tired of waiting for new talent to show up at their doorstep. We believe that there is an immense variety of talented musicians with the potential to captivate audiences across the globe. Our experience in “the biz” spans across a broad range of styles and genres, and Isina is how we intend to discover the next big thing in music.

What file formats are acceptable for uploading my track?

We accept a variety of common digital audio and video files for submissions. Your track must be no longer than six minutes in length and can be uploaded using one of the following formats:

  • Link to YouTube Video
  • Link to Vimeo Video
  • .MP3 / .MP4

What do I receive for my $50 application fee?

You will have your song reviewed by a Celebrity mentor, and be placed in the running to win a remake of your track in a professional environment and a $10,000 Spotify song boost. Additionally, you will get the unique opportunity to:

  • Instantly become a part of a massive community of like-minded musicians
  • Exponentially increase your fan base
  • Gain access to the worldwide music industry
  • Be heard and reviewed by the top professionals in the industry.

No more spending money on traveling to auditions or tryouts! With ISINA, you are given the unprecedented opportunity to have your talent discovered by industry pros without ever having to leave the house.

Who reviews and rates the music that I upload?

Within 5-10 business days after submitting your track, you will receive an in-depth review from a highly trained team of professionals, led by the head of your department. Your work will be evaluated in three main categories:

  • Individuality
  • Potential
  • Creativity

We provide you with the tools to increase your profile rating. If you place first on our ratings leaderboard, you will have your winning song remade in a professional environment, be placed on a Premium Pro Spotify Playlist and receive a $10,000 Spotify boost!

Can I upload multiple tracks?

Yes, you can upload as many demos as you want! Not only will this help our mentors evaluate your talent, but it will also help you get into the Top 300. You also have the opportunity to upload one demo to be reviewed by multiple departments. The goal is to increase your overall rating, and with each submission you increase your chances!

How can I move up in the “Top Ratings” leaderboard?

Some tips on working your way up the leaderboard include:

  • Fill out your artist profile completely. Only profiles with 100% completion rate have found their way in the Top 300.
  • Upload more demos. People like an artist with more songs to listen to!
  • Invite and get likes & shares by friends, family and colleagues on social media.
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