Fenyx Rose to Release Three New Singles with ISINA

Fenyx Rose to Release Three New Singles with ISINA

Our ISINA Artist of the Month for January 2022, Fenyx Rose, has been busy in the recording studio and is getting ready to release three (3!) new singles with ISINA in the coming months: “Black Mirror”, “Mr. Nice Guy”, and “Dream Girl”!

“Black Mirror” is about how social media can affect your confidence and how you view yourself. It's about how it can get inside your head and mess with you. Truly a difficult social issue these days.

“Dream Girl” was co-written with Rob Lewis, who came to Fenyx with a melody idea and lyrics for a song about how someone might not be the picture-perfect version of the person they’re looking for, but they’re the one that’s “there” and real, and that’s much more valuable in a partner.

“I was like ‘How do you know this about me?!’” said Fenyx. “It was exactly how I felt, and I was like, ‘Rob is reading my mind. I don’t know how he knew this about me.’”

“Mr. Nice Guy” is more of a fun, sexy, upbeat song.

“It was Rob, Davix, and I and we were just in here literally just laughing our butts off for hours writing that song!” said Fenyx.

The three songs will be coming out in the next couple of months.

“They’re all like three of my favorite songs I’ve ever written,” said Fenyx. “I’m really excited for you guys to hear them!”



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