ISINA Applicant Spotlight: Amalia

ISINA Applicant Spotlight: Amalia

Amalia is a talented vocalist and songwriter from Yerevan, Armenia. She recently debuted a new music video for her song “Hear Me”, which we thought was excellently done. Check it out:

Amalia was born in 1995 and started singing at the age of three. She eventually attended and graduated from Sayat-Nova musical school.

She later participated on both “X-Factor” and “The Voice”!

She started releasing songs in 2019 and has been continuing to do so for the last few years, culminating in the release of the aforementioned single “Hear Me” late last year.

“I want to tell you about me through my songs and my lyrics,” says Amalia. “Don't know [a] better way of self-expression than music.”

You can find Amalia’s ISINA profile here and listen to some of the songs she’s uploaded to our site.

Or you can find her on her website, on YouTube, or on her Instagram.



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