Zoeann Bassett and MiracleTheAli3n Collab on New Release

Zoëann Bassett has partnered with MiracleTheAli3n for a brand new song called "Cassidy St."!

The exciting thing about this release is that MiracleTheAli3n is just an ISINA applicant! We searched through many applicants across the entire country to find someone who could collab with Zoëann on this song and we loved Miracle for it.

The two artists had never met and were able to record across statelines. They even shot their music video remotely!

It just goes to show you, even if you’re not named an ISINA Artist of the Month, you may have the opportunity to work with other applicants and Artists of the Month. If you upload your music to ISINA, you never know where it might take you!

So, without much further ado, we present the amazing lyric video for "Cassidy St.":

We're thrilled about the song and thrilled for both MiracleTheAli3n and Zoëann!

You’ll remember Zoëann as our ISINA Artist of the Month for August 2021. We spoke with her back then about her ISINA experience and about how she felt when she heard her song had gotten her picked by ISINA.

Congrats to Zoëann Bassett and MiracleTheAli3n on their release!

You can find more places to stream or download the song right here:



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