An Interview with MiaMei

An Interview with MiaMei

KFlow got to sit down recently with MiaMei, a talented artist who’s doing a lot of interesting things while still being just a teenager!

First things first, we wanted to know: what’s the inspiration behind the name MiaMei?

“My real name is MiaBella and that means ‘my beautiful’ in Spanish and Italian,” said MiaMei. “We found the name Mei, which in Chinese, means ‘beautiful’, too.”

Then we wanted to know about some of the story behind her new single, “Missing You”, which she’s releasing with ISINA.

“So, ‘Missing You’, I wrote it, and like any teenager, we always go through these emotions and teenage love,” said MiaMei. “It’s just about being with someone, a little relationship in your high school days, you know? And then breaking up with them for some crazy, stupid reason!”

KFlow also asked MiaMei about her journey with ISINA thus far. Check out her awesome answer:

Very cool!

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