Trending ISINA Artists Update - Early January 2022

Trending ISINA Artists Update - Early January 2022

Howdy ISINA Family,

It’s time again to update our Trending ISINA Artists list! There are new songs and artists featured on the board that we’re pretty excited about. CMagic5, who we recently did an update about, is up there, along with Alex Hook, who has been working in the studio with ISINA Artist of the Month Kimberly. Those are just a couple of the names. There are a lot of talented artists featured, so go check them out!

We are constantly updating the list, adding new artists who’ve submitted their music to ISINA. Getting on the list is pretty special. It gets you placed on our curated playlists, and it’s a big factor in who gets chosen to be the ISINA Artist of the Month.

But! This is important: keep your profiles updated! Upload pictures, write out a bio, include links to social media. Many times we’ve heard a song we have interest in and then gone to the user’s profile page only to find it empty. It’s so disappointing to us because we need a completed profile to put you on the Trending ISINA Artists board, in our playlists, and to consider you for ISINA Artist of the Month. We have to know there’s a real person behind the song!

Let's take a look at CMagic5's profile as a good example:

  • Great profile picture and header to match.
  • Nicely written bio.
  • Links to social media and other websites where you can find more information.
  • Extra artist photos.

It's excellent! It gives us a good image of who the artist is and gives us the tools to learn more about them if our interest is piqued. Aside from that being a good thing for our website, that's just good marketing of yourself as an artist. Your profiles could be featured and you might gets lots of new eyes on them. Don't let that promotion go to waste!

So please fill out your profile if you haven’t yet and you might be featured on the next update!



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