Aya Minatoya

United States, NYC






My name is Aya Minatoya. I'm a music producer, composer/ songwriter originally from Japan. My greatest inspiration is Walter Afanasieff. My dream is to work with Mariah Carey on her real come-back album that reminds us of Walter's production from the 90's. That's just something I always keep in my mind to motivate myself. Started off as a ghostwriter, I've been working with both local and international artists, mostly in the genre of R&B/Soul/Pop. Truth is that I've never studied music in my life. I've been creating music with my heart and my ears. I'm at this point where I feel as though with the proper knowledge and guidance I could really get where I want to be.
I want to make the music that people will listen to for the next 20 years; good music that touches millions of hearts, heals our pain and brings joy to our lives. From my soul to your soul. Music lives for the sake of love. Thank you. Yours truly.

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