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my name is naomi , I am 18 years and I'm from Daytona beach Florida. I've have been singing my whole life and I started writing my own songs when I was 17. this is huge passion of mine and I hope to one be someone who can inspire others through my music.



keep the faith cover



15 January
here’s that same old mirror ⚡️📸
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06 January
break free by ariana grande ❤️🌹 thank you to @blindedjewels for editing this for me, lord knows how long it took but you did it!!) #singing #cover #arianagrande
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31 December
thank you for making my year worthwhile, even if things were hard we still managed to make it through. no matter what ups and downs we will go through in the past or present, i hope we can all stay friends for a long time. happy new year friends🌹honorable mention goes to silvia and kristell ❤️
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23 December
la vie est belle 🌹☁️
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28 November
I hate myself for doing this but I had to!
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08 November
the mirror is broken ❄️🌨💡#vscocam
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02 September
🌹scars to your beautiful - alessia cara ⭐️ (please excuse any weird/awkward facial expression or head movements that I might make lol) #alessiacara #singing #cover
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17 July
naomi @ Instagram
25 June
you were a one of a kind artist, my inspiration. in a world full of people who hurt one another for self gratification, you chose to spread a message of love no matter what was thrown at you. thank you for everything, rip MJ ❤ #michaeljackson #kingofpop
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30 May
i turn 18 in 5 days :(:
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