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I'm Lené Wessels. I'm 16 years old. My stage name is Meg Skyler. I am a singer, songwriter and dancer. I love singing and I want to take my singing career to the next level. I want to inspire people and connect with them through my music. I truly believe that I will reach my dream by continuing to believe in it and through hard work.

I started singing when I was 10 and to work with a vocal coach. I've learned so much over the years. I have a passion for singing and I want to make it my career. My favourite music genre's include Pop, Pop Rap, EDM, Pop Rock and combining my dancing with my singing is something I love doing

I've dreamt of going to LA as a singer from an early age and I believe with your help I can achieve my dream. I am ready and willing to work hard.

I released my Debut Single on 1 June called "Beat In My Heart". I composed the song and the lyrics and recorded it locally.

I also love dancing. I went to the European Dance Championships 2 years ago when I was 13, won the 1st place under 16 and was awarded South African international colors for dancing.

I want to become an International Artist. It would be my honor and my ultimate pleasure to work with you ISINA!!! I want to do what I love and I know with your help and my hard work it's possible!

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