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United States, Pittsburgh







I'm KLS, a Singer/Songwriter from Pittsburgh PA! It would be such an honor to work with ISINA!

Growing up, I've always sang in the school choir every year! I loved when it came time to put on the show! In middle school, I landed a spot in the all city chorus program, getting to sing with some of the most talented kids from all over Pittsburgh! At home, I must have played the music Mr. Kenny "Face" Edmonds has produced for himself, as well as ALL of what he has produced for other artist, a billion times over, singing along and basically practicing, how to sing, write, and produce! Fast forwarding to the present,..I'm interested in producing and singing, Pop & R&B songs!
I want to make songs that are timeless, that bring back memories of where you were in your life, when that particular song was released! I want people to say, "Oooh, this is my JAM!!!" When one of my songs are played! I also hope that my music can inspire people!
I've been working at my craft since graduating high school!
I've written dozens of my own songs, as well as produced some of my own instrumentals (via Beat machines).
I think my talent is more in the singer/songwriter area though, singing over music that other people produce for me! I think it gives me more room as an artist, to focus on what I'd like a song to say, and the way I'd like it to be said.
I've invested in my own home studio, and use it constantly to create new songs, and learn as much as possible!
I'm currently working on, learning to engineer, and mix vocals!

ISINA staff, THANK YOU for creating this opportunity!

*Kendrick "KLS" Smith



KLS KennyG W Afanasieff malibu dreams remake 2018 ft KLS Lyrics


KLS-I got you


I'm Bad 4 U


Face it


KLS-Me & You (What we do)


KLS-Hands on you

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