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Dear Walter,

My name is Jacob William. I am a singer songwriter from the UK.I've been working really successfully in the UK on various projects, starring & making an award winning music film, touring and performing on BBC radio and TV as a singer/songwriter. I've produced all my own recordings and videos. I have over 15 songs completed to the best standard I can and I am looking to collaborate with the right producer to make the recordings shine.

I really hope you enjoy the songs and are interested in perhaps a Skype meeting.

I would be happy to come to Los Angeles. I will be moving to Vancouver in March and it's not a long trip down.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards



Singer/Songwriter from the UK. Also produce all own material and seeking a mentor to help take my music to the next level. I've performed live on BBC Radio 2, completed my first sold out solo tour last year (25 UK cities). I also wrote the screenplay and produced my own film called 'Don't Let Go'. The film won a variety of awards (Official Selection at the American Online Film Awards). I wrote and produced the 10 songs that were in the film. Starring in the film also, playing a young man in a wheelchair who learns how to communicate through music.
Further info at www.jacobwilliam.co.uk



Im Not A Woman


Jacob William Showreel


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09 January
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02 January
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