My story is long and exciting but I feel Im just getting started.
I was born in Asturias north Spain in my mothers little village.Soon after my family moved to Ecuatorial Guinea (Africa) my dads country.
Back then Guinea was a very poor country.So we didnt have cable TV,nintendos or candy stores.Electricity went off all the time and having malaria was as common as having a cold. We didnt have a lot of material things but we enjoyed other basic things and I would not change my childhood for anything even tho it wasnt the most confortable place in the world. My parents tried their best to give us a happy childhood.Those years keep me grounded today and help me apreciate little things like having electricity 24/7 or drink water straight from the kitchen without filtering.Things that most people take for granted cause it always been there for them.
My hobbie was listening to casettes,my father vynils and later on CDs.Thats how I learned english,singing to Michael Jackson. My father taught me to play piano at 5 years old, mostly blues and he also introduced me to all the jazz greats,from Herbie Hancock to John Coltrane.He strictly listened to instrumental jazz so I only had 2 options hate it or love it,lol and at the end the second option won even though at the time I was mad cause I wanted to listen to R&B.
I did my first performance at 11 years old playing Disney songs at a Christmas special on national Guinea TV.
When I was 12 years old I moved to Spain and took 3 years of classical piano and solpheo. Around that time I had never thought of a music career nor my parents,it was all for the love of it. As a matter of fact they wanted me to get a college degree get a regular job and thats it..and still today. I think my father insisted on us taking piano class so we stayed home not out in the streets and so he could play guitar solos over piano.He always had that what if? feeling about not becoming a jazz musician.But he never thought I would choose to become one. I never had a word of encouragement towards my music career.At some point he helped me my independent albums finantially but Ive felt a jelousy side too.Somehow I was living his dream,performing in NYC gettin nice jazz reviews..and it was other people telling him: hey your sons talented. So my music career has been an uphill battle with not much support. Nobody at home ever told me,"keep working hard you will make it" but the advice of giving up was always present.Ive had to motivate myself all the way to compensate the negativity in my entourage. Ive had support from my best friend Tony,my fans and of course God. In the later years my sister got involved running my website and suported me more but for the most part my love for music has been my driving force.
Back to highschool my mother told me to focus on studyng and stop taking piano classes.I didnt like classical music much so I agreed.
Years went by, I moved to Madrid and I started a modeling career in commercial and fashion modeling. I walked the Madrid Fashion week and worked with top clients like Hugo BOSS,and a long etc.I got cast for TV Commercials for US and Europe,fashion magazines...
At some point in my early 20s a friend i had met in a casting encouraged me to join his boy band styled like NSYNC or Backstreetboys. I had never thought of music as nothing more than a hobbie I loved it but I didnt see myself as an artist but he insisted so much that I gave it a try.
I took the lead singer role and took care of the vocal musical side while my friend coreographed us,Ive never been a awesome dancer. The project didnt took off with some lazy members but I started writing songs for the group and realized there was a lot of music inside of me waiting to be released. I kept my focus on the modeling thing it wasnt until 2007 when I decided to take music seriously and start a solo career. Around that time I discovered El Debarge,his solo albums.I just knew "Rythm of the night" from when I was a kid...But I didnt know he was an amazing pianist.I wasnt able to sing and play keys at the same time so after watching him in youtube I knew I wanted to do that it was so cool and expressive and I thought it was a good way to stand out from all the R&B singers and bring something else to the table.
I learned a bit of music editing by myself ,after working on some demos I wrote composed and produced an independent album in 2009 Funk Temple released online thru songcast. It had good reviews in independent soul radios in the UK ,I gave some interviews and I booked some gigs in the NYC area.I spent the summer of 2009 in the open mic circuit in NYC and I learned a lot from it. The talent I saw there performing made me realize I had a lot of work to do.
When I was back to Spain I started working on my second independent album Jazzylicious released in 2011. Again it got great reviews in the independent field.It was meant as a travel in time showing jazz influence in other music genres,it included from jazz standard ballads to hiphop or soulfulhouse.
At first I was disapointed with the albums not being commercially successful after so much work from the first note to the cover..Now reflecting back on my 2 albums,I do think there are great songs but I dont think my vocals were up there at the same level. And the albums were not very mainstream they were too mature. I think I wanted to run too fast. I saw Prince at the O2 in London and he inspired me to write compose and produce my own material. So theres a lot of magic and inspiration in those albums but there are also many mistakes. I think those albums were part of my learning process.I have reworked some of the songs since then and I hope to release some of those songs in my first major album.
Since my last album Jazzylicious I havent released any material.I have been improving my piano skills and vocals, working on hundreds of covers,specially jazz standards,Stevie wonders..and I have been writing producing original music non stop R&B funky jazz and everything in between . My favourite artists are Stevie Wonder ,MJ,Prince,Nat king cole,Babyface,David Foster,Diana ross,George Michael,El Debarge,Burt Bacharah,Phil collins,Billie holiday...Patrice rushen..the list is endless. I have recently started singing and writing in spanish too.
The music Ive been writing these years I dont want to release those songs independent I dont want to sound arrogant lol but I feel its hit material.
I believe my best skill is composing arranging.But its not something I can do on demand,songs just come its a spiritual thing. I dont know how to write a song and I dont know how Ive written my songs.I dont think of notes chords or scales to me music is sound and thats the way I aproach composing.I play by ear I was 15 last time I read a music sheet. I like to go for a walk late night and feel all the energy coming onto me.Then I wake up in the morning and songs flow through me. I used to think why I dont have luck with relationships,but now looking back I see that I was turning all those personal experiences into something positive thru music.So music has really been my therapy. When I throw everything in a song I can heal myself and finally move on. Another thing that Ive been doing is remaking songs. I like to take an acapella of a hit song that I dont like and build a whole new song around it to my taste with different chords .Its very challenging and fun I ve done one with Miley Cyruss "we cant stop" and Justin Biebers "as long as you love me".
Im very excited to take my career to major status,releasing the original R&B songs that Ive been keepin in the vault,or placing them with major artists and having great producers working on them . I want to improve my vocal ability I think I have a lot of work to do in that department too.
Ive been arranging jazz standards and I would like to release an album with jazz standards and jazzy covers of songs some time in the future.
Im passionate about creating timeless art,songs that make the world feel good or songs they can relate to and bring something positive thru my music.I have also produced my music videos and I love photo retouching,so with me its all about being creative in any field,specially music. I would like to have a long and successful career so I can take care of my little brother cause Im somehow a father and a brother to him and I want to make sure he has nothing to worry about.
The main reason why Im registering to Isina is because working with Babyface is one of my dreams. I would love to learn from him and him producing some of my songs for myself or other artists.I know he would love many of them.
Its been long time I want to experience the LA music scene and most talent shows at US are only for US residents. As for me, writing in english and R&B soul there are not many chances in Spain so this seems like a wonderful oportunity to keep growing as a musician and take the step to major.
Im very excited Ive never liked talent shows at all but I feel Isina has a different aproach and I cant wait to join this experience.
I have a lot to bring to the table a lot to learn .It just feels like the right time, the right place, the right people.. and after so many years of hard work this chance finds me at the top of my game so...Im VERY EXCITED !
I edit to say Why Isina should pick me. Im not going to tell you Im more talented than other applicants and that I deserve it more. At this time in my life I have let my ego down I realize there are so many seeds of talent all over the world and Im just glad to have recieved one.There are very talented musicians and singers applying so it will be up to the mentors to decide.Ive never looked at music in a competitive way,I just do my thing. I just can say that there may be very few applicants that have worked as hard as I have and as hard as I still do everyday.Very few that want this as much as I do for the love and respect I have for both Kenny and Walter.And lastly,I have always let my music speak for me since I do everything on each song it represents me 100%.I always thought my music would open doors for me and I really hope Isina becomes a beautiful and epic turning point in my career and my life. What better thing to add to my Bio than be mentored by these guys.It just cant get better!I would like to learn as much as I can from the experience and of course have a lot of fun.I also think that if given the chance to a major music career after Isina mentorship program I could be able to reactivate my modeling career but at a whole another level.I left modeling to a side years ago cause I knew that music was what I wanted to do, in order to give my 100%. But I always had in mind give it another shot and taking my modeling career to another level thanks to music.Merging both sides. The way I see it...the sky is the limit. My soundcloud does not include ALL my music but it can give you an idea of my music...I want to thank isina not only for creating this wonderful opportunity but for giving me a goal to look forward to and for bringing

back the drive and passion to give my best



ORIGINAL R&B demos (self writtenproduced)

ORIGINAL JAZZY demos (self written produced)


You can also visit my YOUTUBE CHANELL for live covers.I dont use backing tracks except drums I like to play everything live

Thanks for this wonderful oportunity




Demo songs for ND


Dreams( original)


Lady (The answer). Selfwritten&produced


Wonderful-Jazzy version(selfwritten prod


I should have fought (selfwritten prod.)


Live Covers ( Piano& vocals)

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