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United States, Pittsburgh






Emily Georgia is an artist and songwriter. She has performed at venues such as Fat Baby the M5 showroom, and Lovecraft bar in NYC as well as Pittsburgh Mr. Smalls Showroom and Club Diesel in Pittsburgh. She recently performed at Le Creme Music Festival and has been featured in Nuerocentrikk Magazines platinum edition. Emily also speaks four languages and has trained at standout university programs such as NYU, The New School, as well as The University of Pittsburgh.



No Rebound



17 February

‎Tomorrow! Message me for the address :)

09 February

‎Covered Havana by Camila Cabello! Here's a sneak peek :)

Emily Georgia @ Facebook
30 January

https://show.co/yeNBb12 NYC! I'm coming back! :)

Emily Georgia @ Facebook
22 January
Workin hard and enjoying the ride 🎹 Got some major 🔥 on the way 😉 📸 : @picsbyjrich
Emily Georgia @ Instagram
19 January
POLARoid ❄️❄️ 📸: @keeppittsburghdope
Emily Georgia @ Instagram
16 January
I’m not dramatic 📸
Emily Georgia @ Instagram
16 January

‎Thank you HearHere NYC!! <3

Emily Georgia @ Facebook
15 January
❄️🧢 stay warm out there kids
Emily Georgia @ Instagram
13 January
Friday night sweatpants for a hot date with my keyboard 🎹👖
Emily Georgia @ Instagram
12 January
There’s still some leftover holiday magic ✨
Emily Georgia @ Instagram
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