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I am a singer songwriter, Who writes music to be performed live. I write from personal point of view. The lyrics , The melodies and interpretation are my strongest contributions to the music. I have written many songs, But recorded very few. I am now on a mission to introduce the music to new audiences with the ultimate goal of performing them live. I took some of the songs for a test drive with a band in two live settings, The E String las vegas, And whiskey a go go in Los Angeles. And the result ofm the crowds gave me all the motivation i need to continue and push foward. As long as there is someone to listen, I'll keep writing, And performing.



Red Rosey Dream




American Dream


I should have crushed you



13 October
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20 September
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18 September
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14 September
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22 August
I should have crushed you!!
Debut song from Jake’s On Fire coming soon!!!
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08 June
#smokeymountains #naturephotography #beauty #wild #bearcountry
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07 May
I don’t think the warning works in Miami Beach!!!
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22 April
People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just bc they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost. - H.jackson brown,Jr!!! #utahrocks #bestisyettocome #lasvegas #2019 #miami #lifequotes #music #somethingnewcoming #new #rock #road #roadtrip
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22 April
The date is set! Polishing mastering and putting a bow on the debut single: To be released June 30th !!!! #music #newmusic #jekesonfire1 #berlin #lasvegas #ukmusic #rock #hits #2019 #bestisyettocome #utahrocks #utah
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24 February
#themusic #
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