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04 July
RT @AlPhaMan_BC: NEW SHIT WITH THE BRO ⁦@RockstarPeralta⁩ and Beautiful ad-libs from the phenomenal ⁦@chrxstalcreates⁩ !!…
03 July
@joshiswhoibe EXACTLY. We need to stop tearing each other down for dumb shit when the rest of the world is already trying to do so.
03 July
@joshiswhoibe Right? Lol I just be watching ppl act a fool over this nonsense like
Christal Mims @ Twitter
02 July
@charleswoods21 Lmfaooo hell yeah like that would be mad suspicious 😂
02 July
@DomGiavonni Lmfaooo I knooo 😭 I was just reading it like...damn damn damn 😂
02 July
RT @CrystlEvolution: Spirituality isn't all about 'Love and Light' It's about being able to face your Shadow & Ego self, and still have the…
02 July
Lmfaoo I'm mad bcuz this is Eminem and I used to looovveee him 😭😭😂
02 July
One of my worst fears is waking up and someone telling me, "Girl you got hella drunk last night and ate a whole bucket of fried chicken LOL" I would fucking cry for HOURS lmao #animalsarefriendsnotfood 😂
01 July
I love getting vocal comparisons cuz I always end up discovering new artists. Someone said I sound like a "Kwamie Liv/Jorja Smith mix." I've def heard of Jorja but not Kwamie but now I'm listening to her and she's 🔥😩😍
30 June
My friend is so talented and such a light ✨ check out his new music video!! 😄
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