Nicky Hart




Hello! I gave up my job at 33 to take singing lessons as my dream was to sing. Five years ago whilst on holiday in Florida I sang in Public with some incredible jazz musicians, and I would go back whenever I could to to get more experience. just over 2 years ago they told me I should have my own band. I came home and desperately tried to put a band together, but I live in a tiny hamlet in the middle of the countryside. I realised the only way was to hire session musicians; so I started to write my own songs and found an arranger to work with. Last October I showcased my songs by putting on my own concert and hired session musicians from London.
My whole goal was to have it filmed and somehow get the footage to Humberto Gatica. As luck would have it someone I know has a contact who knows Humberto personally and last week this link was sent to the contact in the hope they would forward it on to him. Then, unbelievably, this morning I stumbled across your academy can imagine my utter surprise and sheer delight!!
Words cannot express how much I would value the opportunity to develop my true potential under your mentoring programme and guidance at ISINA - I know I have a lot more to give. Please Kenny forgive the intro is for Humberto, but as you can imagine, as soon as I saw this I had to get it straight to you! :) I hope you like it and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time.


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