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Hello! There is nothing interesting in my lifestory, niether dazzlig success nor stunning fiasco...So, well... At first, my name is Iuliia. The place where i'm living now is named Ufa, a clean and green city not far from Ural mountains, Russia. Oh, yes, now I'm old enough, married, and of course in such a "venerable" age I have three children. I work as a tutor and a consultant in procurement.
Is it good or bad to have a sparkling dream, but i have. My sicere passion is music. The focus of interests is a little bit wider, but the passion can be only one. May be i'm not that young to start as a musician, but you give me a hope to be heard.
Till 18-teen, i had no idea, that I could sing, and more that my vocal potentialities could allow me to sing for people. But by that time i'd been admitted to the university and my future speciality was as far from music as I'm far from you now, my distant readers. Accidently, i was noticed by a head of a universit—É vocal studio, who suggested me to join them immediately. Then followed 5 happy years of my "singer's career". I'd been a universal member of vocal ensemble, taking part in conserts, tours, festivals, records, ets. Diversity - that was main character of my musical style, cause i'd taken all the vocal material that time: classic, folk, pop, jazz.
Meanwhile, the time was passing by me, with me or through myself. I came to the finish of my education. I always was in "A" team, so i got a diploma in 2002 and could get a job in my speciality. But music has deeply struk roots in my soul, so i entered to a Ufa's College of Arts. I was strongly recommended studying academic (classic) vocal. There was said: "Lyrico-dramatic soprano". There were no more fun and lightness, just studies, lessons and homework. Inspite of all, my passion for music became stronger in that 3 years... After finishing the College i prefered the family (then i've got an elder son) and a stable quiet job. I think noone could blame me for the choice.
Since then I left all the attemts to continue my musical education, being rarely invited to some non essensial arrangements. There i was singing my old repertoire including either classic songs and arias from opera and musicals or modern songs, etc.
Just beilive, it was very hard to feel inside a compressed spring of potentialities, that you cann't set free. So, in 2012 i started from the very beginning. Fortunaly, i found a teacher, an opera singer herself, who insisted on trying to take a part in different musical/vocal projects inspite of my age.
I have a dream, i have a hope, and the most importent thing - i have an eager desire to study, to work, to live in music. I want to sing for people.



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