Hello everyone,
My name is Joyce, I'm 24 years old and this is my story: music has been my passion since I am pretty young, I remember at my 7 singing in school, at home, with friends, when I get back to Colombia from México I had my first band, only girls, I was 16, that was at school, with the time we stoped playing together, after that I had another band with only old guys, people who used to be famous in the 70's - 90's (here in Bogotá) when they were pretty young. we were together for 3 years, almost 4 but the band wasn't sustainable, it's really difficult to keep a band, even when they know each others very well and there's no open-mind to solutions or new projects; so I decided to work on my own project, I have never studied music, because my father did want me to study something related with bussiness and I tried (I know that has happened to many people in the world and off course I wouldn't be the exeption; to try to have a second chioce "only if music doesn't works" but that's a lie, the only thing is not gonna work when you love music it's everything you could try to do while you should be making music, and I learned it), I tried to study two different careers and never felt complete, losing my time and crying 'cause I never felt happy until I decided to do what I like, singing. Someday I told to a person how much I wanted this dream, he told me: Music it's a long way, you should try to do something different, music could be a hobby while you try to find a real job and make money. I was sitting there and I thought about my life with music as a hobby, I cannot describe the empty space I felt inside, and in that moment I promissed to me: I won't feel like that for the rest of my life, that's the reason I am here now, 'cause I only need an oportunity to show I can be better than I am, because I am ready to fight for the dream I have inside.

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