21 year old singer - songwriter based in the Philippines. After a series of unfortunate events my family and I moved here from England, and since that move I hardly ever left the house and my love for singing and song writing has grown a lot, because it has served as my outlet of feelings, my escape, my wonderland. Music has always been my way of expressing myself, it has made me more creative and open minded in a sense. I love writing about the most random of things from stuff such as getting bitten by mosquitoes, sitting by banana tress, metaphorically dissecting cockroaches, all the way to more personal stuff as heart break, love and loss. I want to do something with my life, something more than just writing songs in my room and not getting them heard, something more than singing at gigs wherein the people would rather I sing covers than the songs that I write. I want to learn so much more, how to write songs that can really cut deep, songs that are so light you feel like your floating in mid air, I want to sing songs that mean so much more than just words being sung. I have tried my wits and tried to join song writing camps and what not here in the Philippines, it has helped so much but I know that there is still a great load more to learn.



I Is The Loneliest Letter - Chlara


To Be A Rich Mans Wife


To Madam Butterfly From The Cockroach

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