Hello Mr. Oakenfold and team Isina! :-D My name is Marilyn Rodriguez and I am a producer that goes by the stage moniker "Glamoure." I am a very ambitious and hard working gal that hopes to someday work for Paul under his record lable "Perfecto" and be amongst the top names in trance production/performance! There's no better place to start and to learn than to be the apprentice to the master himself! I don't have a fancy resume to share because although I've been artistic (I play guitar and some piano and I also do some singing), and a fan of Trance and EDM my entire life, it wasn't until about 4 years ago that I discovered my gift for music writing after I went through a period of depression. Music is very cathartic for me and unbeknownst to me at the time, it has become a calling from my soul and a deep passion! I look forward to working with you and your team in the future, because I do believe I have what it takes and I will keep knocking until the door opens!! Thank you for your time and consideration and good luck to all the other talented people here for you too!! Much <3 Glamoure :-D



Where Did The Soul Go (Original Mix)


A Moment of Silence






01 January
Happy NY <3 #Minimal #Electronica #Techno
30 July
Next Friday night I'll be Vibin' on the MS with Resident DJs #FreaknStitch! Let's #vibe #DJ #livemusic #clublife #dance #goodvibes #edmlife
Glamoure @ Twitter
10 July
Proud to become part of the #Stvndordie Collective. Check out our latest B2B @KaDaviR @trippyconu
08 April
Minx_Mix 1 ft. My l8tst jam TrEs-2b #TranceFamily #PLUR #alienspacevibes #ASV👽 #Trance #AriaMinx ❤
26 March
Here's a sneak peak at my latest track "Destination" which I will be premiering LIVE this April @exchangela @garnishmusic #trance #music
Glamoure @ Twitter
24 March
"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken." - Oscar Wilde #minxsisters💋 #AriaMinx #trancefamily #trance #producer #music
Glamoure @ Twitter
01 March
Big announcement coming up in a few weeks...Stay tuned ;-) Stay up on the latest @ #Music #Trance #trancenation
27 February
❤ this. So true. #Ariaminx #trance #producer You're Either a Trance Fan, or Your Opinion is Wrong via @theedmnetwork
22 February
Free DL of my latest track "Contemplation" #Trance #Trancefamily #Newmusic #EDM #Dance #producer
22 February
@neiltyson Cosmos 2?? 🤔
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