ISINA Artist Spotlight: MAXI

ISINA Artist Spotlight: MAXI

MAXI is from Boston, Massachusetts. He taught himself about music.

He describes his sound as a combination of Jimi Hendrix, Sade, and ISINA Mentor Robin Thicke, which are some good artists to model yourself after!

In just the past year alone, he’s written and produced numerous records that have received over ten million streams.

Though MAXI does a lot of work behind the scenes, he says his true passion is on the stage. He calls his work “sexy, romantic and soulful.”

He lives in Los Angeles now, and he’s released twelve singles in the last twelve months. He continues to release singles and is expected to release a five track EP soon.

You can check out MAXI’s ISINA profile here and listen to his song "Forget U".

Or find him on Instagram at @IAmMAXI



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