ISINA Applicant Spotlight: Jason Lester Piper

ISINA Applicant Spotlight: Jason Lester Piper

Jason Lester Piper is a singer/songwriter from Loma Linda, California.

Piper describes himself as a lot of things. A “husband, singer, writer, dreamer, reader, comic book nerd, art admire-er.” Great list. Inspiration comes from all over.

In his own words, he wants “to see the world change and [wants] people to know that they matter.” It’s a great idea and we at ISINA definitely feel that music has the potential to do that.

Piper also adds that he’s “getting to know the One who actually created [him] to do all that stuff, so that’s pretty cool.”

You can visit Jason Lester Piper’s ISINA profile here and check out his song, “Taking Care of You”.

Or you can find him on Instagram at @jasonlesterpiper.



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