ISINA's August 2021 Finalists Announced!

Hello ISINA family!

It’s that time again. We’re here to announce the ISINA Finalists for this month!

First off, we’d like to thank everyone who submitted their music to ISINA. Another month of excellent work from some incredibly talented people! It makes our job difficult (and thrilling) going through so many great songs and having to pick just one (or three).

We’re happy to fulfill our commitment to our previous finalists this month as well as the new one. Along with the new finalist that we chose, we will bring back Music Hayk and Zoeann Bassett. They’ve worked with ISINA in the past and we’re glad to take the opportunity to refresh and release their tracks.

Okay, let’s get to the main event. The official announcement.

Our ISINA Finalists for August 2021 are Ariel Avilez, Music Hayk, and Zoeann Bassett! We’re delighted to be working with Ariel Avilez. We’ve never worked with her before and we think we’ll be able to make something great together.


  • Ariel Avilez is based out of Phoenix, Arizona, and performs under the artist name Arilexx. She writes and sings all her own songs. Our mentors immediately recognized Ariel’s incredible talent as a songwriter. The unique expression of sound in her production really stood out to us.


  • Music Hayk is an Armenian-American singer, and songwriter. He's an inspired R&B and Soul musician with years of experience. Hayk has appeared on The Voice UK, as well as many other international music competitions. He was also chosen by almost all of our mentors for his beautiful voice and heartfelt personality.


  • Zoeann Bassett is a singer-songwriter, dancer, and poet. She’s from Oceanside, California, and her music represents that with her relaxed, bright, and beautiful melodies. She was also one of the original ISINA Arrivals and we’re happy to work with her again to make her track even greater!


What a group! It’s going to be another exciting month working with these three.

Stay tuned here and across our social media accounts as we’ll bring you more news and behind-the-scenes peeks on our Finalists’ journeys.

For the rest of the ISINA Family, the September talent search begins now! This very moment! We’re already on the lookout for our next Finalists, so refresh your profiles, upload your best music and invite your fans and friends to like and play your tracks.

Any track submitted to ISINA has the potential to make you a Finalist, so show us what you’ve got!



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