NEW at ISINA: ISINA Finalists Arriving

NEW at ISINA: ISINA Finalists Arriving

Our first group of ISINA Finalists are making their way to Los Angeles to meet with our mentors and producers so they can start the first steps of their musical journey.

Nikkie Ariel was the first to arrive. We picked her up at the airport so we could show her around Los Angeles.

As part of her experience in the entertainment capital of the world, the ISINA Team took her to the see such iconic locations as the Hollywood sign and the legendary Hollywood Walk of Fame, where she got to see the star of Mariah Carey, one Ariel’s idols who inspired her to become an artist.

She also got to see Santa Monica and take some time out at the beach.

Next stop is the studio, where Nikkie will work with our mentors to recreate her track in a professional setting. She’ll get to meet Walter Afanasieff, another idol, and work with him personally!

Stay tuned for more updates on our finalists’ journeys.



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