ISINA Applicant Spotlight: Lex Launius

ISINA Applicant Spotlight: Lex Launius

Lex Launius is a married mother of three and an excellent singer/songwriter.

She describes herself as “Christian. Wife. Mama. Doula. Storyteller. Songwriter. Maker.” It’s quite the list!

Launius believes that “words can help heal the soul from many wounds, and that is [her] goal for [her] music.”

She’s recently decided to go after a career in music after what she calls “years of fear and hiding.” We at ISINA love to hear about people pursuing their dreams!

Launius is also teaching herself acoustic guitar to help her musical journey, but her interest in music doesn’t stop there. She would also like to venture into the genre of synth/electropop. Very cool!

You can visit Lex Launius’ ISINA profile here.

Or you can find her on Instagram: @lexlaunius



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