ISINA Applicant Spotlight: Dina Layzis

We’re happy to be spotlighting another talented ISINA Applicant. This time, we’re spotlighting singer/songwriter and self-professed “relentless dreamer” Dina Layzis.

Dina Layzis has been studying vocals, piano, and violin since she was only 4 years old. She says that she came from a household of classical musicians but both of her parents had to give up their dreams when they moved to the US from Ukraine. 

“They gave up their dreams so I could have a chance at mine,” Dina reflects, “I work each day in hopes that I have the possibility to give back to them even a part of their dreams for all they have given me.” 

Dina would go on to receive additional training from the Berklee College of Music. She attributes her classical beginnings and education as a major contributor to her shaping as a singer with an accomplished technique that exudes tenderness and sensuality.


Dina believes that music guided by genuine artistry is more important now than ever and relishes the chance to work with other artists who still believe in the sincere beauty of music.

Dina has worked with talents such as Oscar, Grammy, and Golgen Globe-nominated songwriter Jud Friedman, Grammy-nominated Marco Marinengeli, and world renowned composer/producer Rick Allison. Currently, she is working with pianist/songwriter Jeff Franzel whose music has been featured worldwide and in major motion pictures including the film, Runaway Bride, which features Julia Roberts.


“These songs - are me,” Dina says of her music, “Their music, melodies and stories will tell you more about me than anything I could ever write with just text.”

Her new single ‘Make It Rain’ is available to stream and download on all major platforms.


Visit Dina Layzis’ ISINA profile here and connect with her on any of these platforms:

Website -

Instagram - @Dina_Layzis

Facebook - dina.layzis

Youtube - DinaLayzis



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