The Guitar Phoebe Bridgers smashed on ‘SNL’ sells for over $100,000

The Guitar Phoebe Bridgers smashed on ‘SNL’ sells for over $100,000

If you watched Phoebe Bridgers’ performance on Saturday Night Live in February, then you likely saw her smash her guitar to pieces during her performance of “I Know the End.” This move became highly discussed on social media, as the guitar she broke was a Danelectro Dano ‘56. 

Now, this guitar sold for $101,500 at the LGBTQ+ advocacy organization GLAAD’s auction. 

“Phoebe is such a visible, out powerhouse in the music industry and we knew that the item was special, but we were so pleasantly surprised to see such a large amount of money raised that will go directly into our work to support and uplift LGBTQ people. Thank you, Phoebe!” said Anthony Ramod, Glaad’s head of talent.

After the artist’s SNL debut, Bridgers’s rock out play became a heated topic of conversation. Fans and fellow rockers alike chimed in with their opinions of the stunt. Bridgers says that she told Danelectro about her plans for their guitar that night and “they wished [her] luck.” 

“Got some really great feedback from my performance!” She wrote in a post on Instagram in response to the criticisms. “Next time I’ll just burn it and it will be more expensive.”

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