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Hello Friends!

It’s been a while. We have good news: we’re back! And we’ve been working on some exciting new changes for the ISINA community. For starters, our international talent search has evolved into a monthly contest! We’ve also overhauled our website, scoring system, and artist rewards! 

And here’s the really exciting part: every month, one of the top songs will be chosen by our celebrity mentors to receive a professional recreation of their winning song with them and other celebrity professionals in a studio environment!

The song submission process will work similarly to how it was before. Once you submit your track, your relevant mentor’s team will review your song and you will get an ISINA music profile placed on the website. Your song will then receive an initial score, calculated through an algorithm of plays, shares, likes, and mentor review scores. If your song becomes one of the top songs on the platform, you’ll be listed on the homepage of the ISINA site!


And here’s something pretty cool: ISINA has acquired an exclusive AI system that will be assisting in choosing finalists’ scores. This AI is able to categorize human emotions according to the changes and movements of the face. These “true reactions” add their own score to the top 10 scoring process.

After the monthly winner is chosen through an advanced algorithm, they will get to collaborate with ISINA Mentors and celebrity professionals to remaster their song. Not only that, they will be placed into ISINA’S Spotify premium pro playlist and given $10,000 in advertising boosts for their winning song!

We’ve got many more surprises on the way, including new website features, the return of our in-person mentorship program, and the introduction of some amazing new ISINA mentors.


In the meanwhile, explore the site, fill out your profile, add your music and please let us know any glitches or bugs you may encounter during this soft launch at info@isina.com.

To our friends and fans who have been with us this whole time, thank you for your continued support. And to those of us just joining us, welcome aboard! We’re excited to continue this journey together!

  • ISINA Team

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