5 Amazing Pop Songs Avicii Produced
by Avicii

Avicii has officially retired from the world of EDM. He played his last show on August 28th in Ibiza. It can be hard to say goodbye so we made a list of pop songs Avicii has produced so to remind us that his talent is always with us. After all, he didn’t say he was retiring from producing...


Coldplay - “Hymn For The Weekend”

Avicii has made Coldplay even better. We didn’t think that was possible.


Madonna - “Devil Pray”

Oh, the classic Avicii country twang. Pair that with Madonna’s world class vocals and you can’t lose.


Coldplay - “A Sky Full Of Stars”

When world class EDM production and rock music collide, beautiful things happen.


David Guetta - “Lovers On The Sun”

Doesn’t this just sound like an Avicii classic?


Conrad Sewell - “Taste The Feeling”

This Coca-Cola campaign gem is always getting stuck in our head. But isn’t that was Avicii does best?

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