Your Attitude Will Get You Far!
by Isina

Like many other things of life, your attitude will get you far in the music business. Whether you are dealing with music venues, promoters and especially your fans, it’s important to treat people well.

If you are playing your music live, there are many people you are going to have to deal with, starting with the initial phone call. Since the person you are talking to can’t see you, you will be judged by your attitude and your tone. Keep your phone interactions positive and be nice.

Arriving at the venue will provide another chance to make an impression. Continuing with a positive and kind attitude will help set the tone for the evening. Treat promoters and technicians at the venue how you would like to be treated.

Lastly, but possibly the most important thing to remember, is to treat your audience well. The way you treat your audience will help create a relationship with them that can turn them into loyal fans who will go on to follow you, come to all your gigs, praise you online and buy just about anything you put out.

In the music business, it’s important to treat others nicely. As you gain exposure in your career, you will deal with many people, and a good attitude can turn into a good reputation.

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