Tobias Rauscher

Germany, Berlin






Hey I am Tobias a modern percussive fingerstyle guitarist from Berlin, Germany.

I started to play the electric guitar at the age of 14 as an autodidact. Five years ago I totally got into percussive fingerstyle. I really love to play this kind of music as it allows me to express myself with nothing but once acoustic guitar. It is so clean and pure and yet so powerful and full of expression.

Often I just try around and come up with completely new tuning and then I start to build up a song in that tuning where I don't know any chord or scale. This feels like being a pioneer discovering a new world ;)

I am still blown away and grateful by the positive feedback I get with regards to my music with more than 20.000 daily views on YouTube, over 240.000 subscribers and more than 20 million views in total. So I am looking forward to where this journey goes.

Besides making music I am working on an online guitar academy to teach other guitarists how to play modern percussive fingerstyle. Other than that I like to do sports and when I have time I am as well deeply passionate about traveling and discovering the placed our world has to have, kind of like I enjoy discovering new tunings ;)

So far so good, if you have any questions just get in touch.




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