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Dear Walter Afanasieff and ISINA team,

We are very happy to participate in this contest which helps to boost the career of many artists and musicians. We wish with all our soul to be in Los Angeles and to be able to professionally record our music as well as to see how to improve and to fix our music with high professionalism.
ISINA is the great opportunity of our lives to be able to know us internationally and learn from incredible teachers whom we admire very much. Being able to arrange music and learn composition with master Walter Afanasieff would be a wonderful and unique experience in our lives.

Our group Tilawa ,

We are an instrumental group of 4 young musicians from Costa Rica. We came together in mid-2014 to create and experience original music based on the blending of different styles and sounds like New Age, Classical music, Pop, Jazz, and Minimalism through composition and improvisation.
Our music expresses diverse feelings and projects images, colors, and textures using different sounds that carry the listener into a kind of trance and transports his or her imagination into a screen play.

We see Isina as a great opportunity where we can make an excellent production of one or several videos of our music in a cinematic vision and at the same time of concert. It's a unique opportunity to focus on our type of music and transform it into high definitions of audio and video with along with excellent mentors who could help us in the musical improvement and marketing of our music

The members of the group are Gustavo Wattson is a guitarist and graduate composer of the University of Costa Rica where he studied guitar and law. He now teaches guitar at a college and focuses on developing his guitar compositions and private lessons. Gustavo is cousin of the pianist of the group Luis Esteban Herrera Wattson.

"Tavo Arauz" is the violinist of the group. Gustavo Arauz is an excellent Costa Rican violinist and currently plays with the National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica and the Costa Rican Philharmonic Orchestra. At the moment he is studying his violin career at the National Music Center of Costa Rica.

Josué Berrocal, is the percussionist of the band. Josué Berrocal was the winner of the contest "Young Soloists" organized by the National Symphony Orchestra where he made his debut in the marimba with the national symphony orchestra. He has currently appeared in several international competitions and contests. He is also studying his master's degree in percussion.

Luis Esteban Herrera is the composer, pianist and musical arranger of the group. Luis Esteban has won national and international awards as a pianist in romantic music and classical music. He has participated in international festivals in Europe and the United States. Luis Esteban made his debut with the National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica and has played at Carnegie Hall's Weill Hall 5 times.
Luis Esteban wants to specialize as much in playing classic music as in Jazz and new music, to continue to arrange and to compose.
Currently Luis Esteban is the pianist of the "Big Band of Costa Rica" and studies his master's degree in classical piano at the National University of Costa Rica

Our Dream ....

To build up a musical career upon perseverance, effort, much training and passion. We are also trying to give our best to achieve great goals exploring all the opportunities available.
We are aimed at making this project part of our lives and share it with as much people as possible. We believe in the power of our music, to enrich people's lives and bring us all closer together for a better tomorrow.

Isina is a great opportunity to grow as musicians, learn with excellent professionals and an amazing chance to make our first professional production.
We want to win this contest and give the best of ourselves and thus expose ourselves internationally and represent Costa Rica. There is so much music to do and a lot of things to learn!

The best regards,
(where the rain and wind blow, in MALEKU indigenous language)

Luis Esteban Herrera (Pianist)

Gustavo Wattson (Guitarist)

Josué Berrocal (Percussionist)

"Tavo" Arauz (Violinist)



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Original Arrangement for Piano of "Costa Rica Patriot"


Original Arrangement for piano of "Costa Rican Patriotic"







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09 January
Estaremos subiendo fotos de nuestros conciertos y mucha más información. Síguenos! http://t.co/FYnEeuoksL
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