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Sandra Keerthi is a jazz and pop singer, who at the age of twelve performed to an audience of over 20,000 people at the the Don Moen concert in Chennai. She's contributed to the climate change concert in the presence of the 38th Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger and UN the Secretary General Ban Ki-mon. She's a recipient of the the Berklee music scholarship. And her love for jazz has led her to perform and showcase her talent before the Grammy winning jazz musician Jane Monheit, and Peter Eldrige (her mentor from Berklee). Peter Eldrige even went so far as to remark that Sandra was sure to win a Grammy.

Sandra was invited by Sofar Sounds -- a music events organiser based in Shoreditch -- to perform three of her original compositions in an intimate secret concert. She has performed in musicals, playing Annie at the age of seven, and was recently caste as the narrator for a Chennai production of Joseph and the Technicolour dreamcoat.

Music has always been a part of who i am says the young singer . From the young age of four she performed before a huge crowd and won hearts ever since. Her influences come from various artist like Jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald,Al Jarreau, Billie Holiday and pop artists like Beyonce,Adele and Pink. She saw music as a way to communicate to anyone anywhere though the singer being from Chennai, India, she was able to reach her goals through the help of her supportive parents and the sheer determination to be heard as an artist someday. The young singer is only at the tender age of 18 and is ready to take on the world. As she says, Performance and music has always brought out the best in her and that the stage is her home. She hopes to write as many original songs and keep using them as a way to reach out to everyone.



Twisted - cover by Sandra Keerthi


Better Land


Moody's Mood for Love




07 January
Missing my baby a little too much today. If only college allowed dogs.
Sandra Keerthi Godwin @ Instagram
02 January
I call this the “oops, I lost one of my glove” pose, followed by “Yay, I found it”
Sandra Keerthi Godwin @ Instagram
01 January
Sandra Keerthi Godwin @ Instagram
28 December
Roberts is amazing! Why you may ask, because of the wonderful students!! Each and everyone one you are so wonderful, and I’m blessed to have you all as my friends. Thank you!!
Sandra Keerthi Godwin @ Instagram
28 December
#tbt missing these beautiful, funny humans. Being the middle sibling is something I can’t describe, but to have wonderful siblings like them, I’m blessed.
Sandra Keerthi Godwin @ Instagram
26 December
✨ A silent night, a star above, a blessed gift of hope and love.✨ Merry Christmas from Syracuse!!
Sandra Keerthi Godwin @ Instagram
23 December
Happy Birthday beautiful!! Your such a blessing! Your wonderfully talented and just lovely! May God bless you!! Love ya !!! ♥️♥️♥️
Sandra Keerthi Godwin @ Instagram
14 December
I miss India, I truly do. This bird would always come exactly at 5 in the evening and tweet away. So one day I decided to compete with the bird, to my astonishment the bird responded, and ever since then we would battle to see who could hit the highest. I couldn’t take it after the poor bird’s voice started cracking. I love my country and it’s beautiful creatures. I won’t be home for Christmas, but I sure do have beautiful memories to remind me of home.
Sandra Keerthi Godwin @ Instagram
21 October
So here is a random jazz thingy majig 🙈 jazz is life and I love love jazz. Studying in Roberts I thought I won’t be able to study jazz until maybe my junior year, but the grace of God and thanks to Mike (the BEST Jazz Proffesor) I can still continue doing what I love in my freshman year and learn more, so much more. Roberts has been so amazing also being apart of Chorale too I can’t believe it, but yes college so far is amazing !!!
Sandra Keerthi Godwin @ Instagram
12 September
@rae_with_an_a your the best thank you for this!!! Im really grateful for all the love and support !!! I can’t believe I’m 19 (but I’m still 5) God is amazing. Thank you all for the wishes ♥️
Sandra Keerthi Godwin @ Instagram
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