Floyd MacItire

Canada, Vernon






hi my name is nigel may and floyd macintire is the name of my band project.i live in british columbia canada and i am a composer and i record,mix and edit my music.i eat,sleep,drink and live in music every day and i love it... also i make my own slide show videos.

beer is good!!

metallica is the reason i learned to play guitar.i wanted to be kirk hammet when i was 13..some people even said i looked like him..
then it was jimi page and hendrix,trey spruance, rocky george and james hetfeild,.. when i started to play bass i wanted to be trevor dunn,cliff burton,les claypool,billy gould,geddy lee,rob wright,paul mcartney and steve harris.as for vocals:MIKE PATTON!!!!!!mike muir,jim morrison,bruce dickenson,james hetfield,james brown and the blues brothers...for programming i like mike paton,trent reznor,dan the automator,danny heifetz and trey spruance.
for piano and keyboards i like trey spruance,mozart,david helfgott,ray charles,beethoven,roddy bottum and paul shaffer..now i just try to sound like my self,its much easier that way..

my mom is the biggest musical influence in my life.growing up watching my mom play guitar and sing for family and friends..she taught me how to play guitar and play by ear.she would sing the notes i need to play and i would match them on my guitar.i sold some of my comic books to buy my first guitar.it was from sears, harmony i think it was called.it wasn't a very good guitar but my mom bought me a really kick ass little amplifier for Christmas!it was a five watt gorilla and it was awesome!!

if i could support my self with my music i would be a very happy man...

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