Oscar Davis

United States, Delray Beach






As I get more familiar with the ISINA website, I realize how much more I could have said. Which is, I just finished writing a book about my years in Show Business, the book is called "Nothing Special"( making of a soul singer) To be published in a few weeks. Already receiving some controversy about the title, and it's not even out yet,so that should be interesting. Pretty much about my years in Show Business who I work with, where I work. Growing up in a musical family with famous singing uncle's like James Brown and Freddie Scott. To defend the title, in that sort of environment you know it was not so special and to have so much opportunity presented to them you wonder who was in charge of special. That's why I'm so happy to have an opportunity like this. So what I'd like to do is invite you to my website.
MrOscar.com. there's a little more information about me, and some insight or thoughts on my take on Life,and a few more songs from my newest
musical Project. " OLD SCHOOL IS IN" cd.
Most importantly, I pray for an invite to the party in LA.
Cheers!!! O

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