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My name is Marie Bullard and my stage name is Kaelah. I was born in Keflavik, Iceland along with my twin brother and I am an inspiring singer/songwriter and artist. We are the first black twins to be born in the country. I have been working towards a successful music career over the course of 14 years. The last 5 years have been spent learning about the industry and perfecting my craft but prior to that I was a musician (drummer & backup vocalist) for several bands as well as a student. Our family band won 2008's Covey Award for Best Local Pop Band, an award giving from the Mississippi Gulf Coast Observer. After realizing I was wasting time on something I had no passion for in school, I decided to quit my Bachelor's program to focus solely on getting my career up and running correctly. I released a single on July 21, 2017 called "Save Me" that I wrote and produced myself. I just started "professionally" not too long ago and i would love to learn from the legends in the music industry so this opportunity that has been given is a dream come true! I just pray that all the hard work that I've been putting into my career will eventually pay off in the end. Until then, there's no stopping!


19 May
@MXLmics @adienlewis Thank you so much for responding! I highly appreciate that. I will try that thanks MXL!
16 May
@realDonaldTrump President Trump this video demonstrates what your intentions are. https://t.co/kKeR8yZAvK
15 May
@Oprah hurricane season right around the corner. HE will take care of you! https://t.co/OVMzrg4iap Video was shot in Ocean Springs and Biloxi Mississippi! I hope you enjoy the video 🌎❤️
15 May
@Oprah This is probably a long shot. I present to you the "Care United Singers" from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. This song was written with the intention of bringing people together and keeping their faith. I was hoping @Oprah you would give it a review and share especially with
15 May
@realDonaldTrump A video you would ❤️; made with the hopes of keeping the faith & bringing people together. President @realDonaldTrump please take care of your people all over the world. https://t.co/kKeR8yZAvK 🌎PEACE. "HE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU".
14 May
@adienlewis if you could listen to like 30 secs of a song I did last year. If you could give me ur advice on the song, how it was mixed, mastered etc... That would be so helpful to me as well. It's called "Save Me". https://t.co/YlHsqJPYJH Thank you very much!
14 May
@adienlewis AWESOME! Thank you so much! I usually pop in a professionally done cd and try to mix my tracks to what the professionals have mastered. I've come close but I'm still missing something. Something I can't quite figure out. I know your info is valuable and I'm willing to pay if you
14 May
@adienlewis or not? 🤷🏿‍♀️
11 May
@adienlewis a professional mix it into place but I wanted to see if I could accomplish this myself first. What would you do to fix the problem? Also, mastering...Do you have someone you send your songs to for mastering? I'm small time and still learning. All help is appreciated!
11 May
@adienlewis I switched from the Art M4 tube condenser to a MXL 990 condenser mic recently because the 990 had more clarity and warmth. That said, I'm still having trouble with clarity of vocals when added to music. After EQ the vocals do not stand out from the music. I probably need to have
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