Isaac Barrett

United States, Booneville







Isaac, is a Indie Pop artists. He makes music that people can relate too, in every mood. His main goal, is to spread positive vibes to as many people as possible, and try to connect with them through his music. He was born and raised in a small town from Booneville, Ky.



Isaac Barrett - Nobody's laughing now



24 July

‎People spend thousands of dollars just to drive nice vehicles and wear nice close in front of people, but cant afford to give a homeless person $10. #Foodforthought

21 July

‎Police Responding To Possible Drowning In Lee County

Isaac Barrett @ Facebook
19 July

‎Tyler Price

17 July

‎Trending On Social Media

17 July

‎Tyler Price

17 July

‎Tyler Price

17 July


12 July

‎Real life kar98 sounds wicked!

11 July

‎Other than one person, literally no one has been there to help me when I needed it the past few days, so I dare anyone to ask me for help again. I help the ones who help me. I promise some of yall will need me for something one day.

20 June

‎Photos from Isaac Scott Barrett's post

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