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Dedov is a composer & music producer from Moscow, Russia.

He's been making music for 15+ years and has worked with many artists & songwriters around the world, such as: James Breedwell, Charli Baltimore, Daz Dillinger, Boo Rossini, Ace Young, Caspian, Merkules, Dino MC 47, ST, #2Mashi and others.

Dedov's career has produced more than over 500 songs for customers worldwide.

Dedov always tries standing out of the crowd & bringing true musicality & deep live sound in the digital age.

Dedov's highest goal is to win Grammy in 5 years, that way he will be recognized in full for his talent, great work ethics and incredible passion in what he does the best.

He truly believes that the music is one of the most important tools on influence on human minds.

After he left office job 3 years ago he realized that his mission is provided by higher forces. That's why his daily slogan is "Change The World To The Better With Music".

That's why on November 2017 Dedov decided to launch a project called "Building Bridges" which is destined to combine music industries of two countries: Russia and USA.

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Dedov - I Promise

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