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Falling in love with music more and more each day, and I want to share my passion. Music is a whole other world, and there's nothing more I want to pursue. I have so much I want to create with warmth, ambition, concern, and creativity. I'm very excited for this journey and very thankful to those who support me along the way.
Singer-Song Writer/Dancer/Poet
With Love, Zoëann



Sweet Talk



01 July
I couldn’t believe how much my little fairy princess began to glow in this dress, there’s no filter on these. A true goddess of the forest 🦋💐✨her auntie Ashaya wore this in my mom and dads wedding.
Zoeann Bassett @ Instagram
30 June
Caption this
Zoeann Bassett @ Instagram
23 June
💒🌪🌵 Cross and Texas
Zoeann Bassett @ Instagram
22 June
This is one of the most intense and best earthly creations I’ve seen yet ☄️
Zoeann Bassett @ Instagram
22 June
Today was so eye opening and beautiful.
I saw mountains, desert, a meteor crater, and all different shades of life.
And to bring It all together these lanterns lit the night and guided us to our first stop. 🌴CA to 🏜NM
Zoeann Bassett @ Instagram
14 May
happy mum day to the best lady in all the galaxies 🦋 you shine among all the stars in the sky and light up my whole world ✨ cheers to you for always loving me even though I’m crazy 🥂🧚🏻‍♀️ i 💛 u
Zoeann Bassett @ Instagram
10 May
Hey you with the pretty face! Welcome to the human race.
Zoeann Bassett @ Instagram
06 May
Hello my loves, sorry I haven’t been on here much, life is taking over! I’ve been working hard on making my own music for you but here’s a sneak of Mojo Pin by Jeff Buckley, cover by yours truly, in the meantime. Stay Jazzy🕠🔜
Zoeann Bassett @ Instagram
14 April
🎈 beautiful day with my love
Zoeann Bassett @ Instagram
14 April
Bonjour bay bayyy
Zoeann Bassett @ Instagram
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