Eric Zayne

United States, LOS ANGELES






Eric Zayne was raised in The Congo but suddenly was evacuated when a civil war broke out. His father received a call from the Embassy informing him that there was one last seat left on the final plane out. His parents then made the hard decision to send Eric on the plane, since he was the youngest of his siblings, in hopes that he could survive, not sure of their own fate.

Eric’s story continued as a war refugee living in Montreal. Since he couldn’t speak to his family, he found solace in music, since his father always wanted him to be a musician. It was through music that he felt he could connect with his family even though he couldn’t communicate with them. He obsessively taught himself how to sing, play multiple instruments and perform, which led to him becoming a professional musician and skilled producer and songwriter.

10 years later, he was reunited with his family, who was now completely broke from the ravages of the war. After touring the world, Eric made set his roots in Los Angeles to focus on his dream: to bring his family back together under one roof.

He has worked with industry veterans Randy Jackson, Don Ienner (Sony), manager Tim Grace (Erykah Badu), Richard Marx, drummer Matt Walker (Smashing Pumpkins), Matt Scannell (Vertical Horizon), producer Dan Huff (Jewel), Grammy Award winning songwriter Itaal Shur (“Smooth” by Santana), Grammy Award Winning engineers Jason Schweitzer and Sadaharu Yagi, drummer Donald Garret (Colbie Caillat), Bassist Jae Deal (Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga) and such acts as Matisyahu, Dragonette, Jordin Sparks, Amber Riley and Ace of Base

His single “Spin The World” was released in Canada and climbed the charts to Top 30 and was the #1 most added song at radio. Eric’s been hard at work in the studio finishing his new album.



She's A Fire


Walk The Line


Neon Eyes




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