Leila Lauren







You have no idea what you have just laid your eyes on. Originally bred in VA, a Southern Bell of Persian Descent. My whole life I've always loved music, loved creating it, loved expressing it through my vocal talents. I feel I was born out of my mothers womb with a microphone. I told myself when I came to LA, I would come with a PURPOSE. And that purpose would be to INSPIRE, IGNITE, and ENCOURAGE artists, young & old to LIVE music through their life. Tell their untold stories through their lyrics, EXPRESS themselves. Because it is in music that I TRULY found my happiness, my darkest of days and my PASSION. I'm a very motivated, uplifting, positive, inspirational, beautiful, loving, genuine, as real as it gets, tenacious young woman. And I'm just here to be given the opportunity to let you HEAR my story. To be able to work among the best and most talented in the Industry , to do something I've been wanting my whole life? I hope this Dreamer can finally live her Dream. Ever so grateful, ever so fortunate to even have this opportunity present itself. Let's change the world together!!!! What's your story?



Lion, Tigers, & Bears




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