Michelle Jones

United States







I was born in Cape Town South Africa, raised in Australia and always dreamed about coming to America to make my dreams come true as a singer and lyricist. My shyness always got in the way until 3 years ago when I became a single mother of a little boy. I need this shot to make a living from my artistry and perfect my untouched craft. But more so importantly to be courageous for my son. They say "courage is being afraid of something but doing it anyway". I know it's inside of me. I know I can do this. I just need guidance and a mentor. I can tell the way my son looks at me differently when I sing. So I am going to sing for him and be the best role model I can for him. He is already showing signs of "rock stardom"! He is not shy at all. And he sings so beautifully. I want to use this opportunity to nurture his talent as you nurture mine. Thank you in advance.

(The original song was written and recorded 8 years ago... 5 years before my beautiful son was born... I wanted to showcase my lyrical ability and songwriting/story telling side). It was also the last time I was in a recording studio... My vocals now professionally recorded would sound even sweeter. I'm ready... Envision the way I sing "Not in that way" in front of a microphone instead of my phone.



Original Song - How dare you take my soul


Not In That Way


Unbreak My Heart

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