Zontray Kendall
Zontray Kendall
United States, Russellville


Catching Stars (2019 prototype) - Zontray Kendall
Moments Of Improvisation: It Floods The Mind
Claim to Fame (Idea in Progress)
On To The Distance
Look Up, Zontray Kendall
Dances With Death, Zontray Kendall



Yo! I’m a multi instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter just looking to share ideas! Leave any thoughts or tips on your way out!

I have tons of music to share - from R&B and music theatre projects not yet finished, to entire piano works that need some polishing.

I am currently working on a series of piano works collectively titled: Moments d’improvisation, and there are 7 chapters of impressionist/romantic -esque improvisation - all filled with numerous (up to 10) audio files each.

(For Instance, Look Up is from the Chapter titled, “Dawning”)

I put a lot of my emotion and training into my music, but ultimately, I know that I want to share this musical journey with those who want to admire what they hear - as if they see the memories and emotions in real time.

I also experiment a lot with color; as a chromesthete, I’m more or less aiming to share how I process music and sound in general.

At the end of the day, it’s really fun to share and compartmentalize interpretations. It’ll only make practicing more magical.

Phone number: 8703440820
Email: kendallzontray@gmail
Instagram: Zontray
TikTok: Ztray123
Facebook: Zontray
Sc: Zon_tray


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