The Calderons

Canada, Toronto






Nancy and Nazaret, also known as The Calderons, are an Italia​n-Chil​ean duet, currently living in Canada, who showed passion for music from their early beginnings. Their parents have been inspir​ational figures during their life since they were close to music. Later on, they obtained their university degrees which would complement with only one path, music.
During their stay in Chile, they performed at El Club de Jazz de Santiago, L’Istituto Italiano di Cultura, The Institut Français, The UK Embassy, Casa Piedra and Club El Golf 50 and in Canada they have participated in concerts at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel and opened the fourth Latin Ontario Arts Festival, one of the most important Latin festivals in Canada, among others.
In 2012, they released their first single Someone Like You. Now they are working on a new album, a reflection of their life experi​ences, journeys and adventures.



Historia de un amor


04 June
New pics from our #unplugged concert in #Toronto ! Check them out: @chrisplattmusic #music
15 October
RT @MTVLA: Lo ocurrido en Puerto Rico duele en lo más profundo del alma, pero es bueno saber que entre todos podemos hacer de esto algo mej…
14 October
Estuvimos en vivo en la radio @chha1610am en el programa #deregresoacasa junto a @TOSilviaMendez😍🎤 Maravilloso momento junto a Silvia.
02 April
Très bons souvenirs dans l'ouverture de la Semaine Française avec @CFCCI à @ambafrancecl 🇫🇷
The Calderons @ Twitter
02 April
Look at this beautiful stage at #vikvibe so peaceful with a striking view👍🏼🍾
The Calderons @ Twitter
01 April
A spectacular night at @vikretreats with beautiful songs 🌙🎤#saturdaymorning
The Calderons @ Twitter
01 April
After our unique performance in the magnifique nest @VikRetreats with our best musicians!!!
The Calderons @ Twitter
06 November
RT @CFCCI: Ahora @thecalderons nos entregan lo mejor de la música francesa en la inauguración de la Semana Francesa
06 November
RT @CFCCI: En unas horas más tendremos un imperdible show de música en vivo con @thecalderons en #VillageDeFrance2016
16 October
Have you heard ‘Historia de un amor - Radio Live’ by @thecalderons on #SoundCloud #np #FashionCAN #TBT
The Calderons @ Twitter
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