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(Line of Air)

Hello, dear Walter and the Team!
We hope that you will be our teachers! We are ready to learn and open to new knowledge!

Nadya & Yaroslav - we are an aspiring musical group from Moscow "LOFA"(Line of Air). Our whole life has always been connected with sound and music.
Nadya - songwriter and composer. She creates texts and sings.
Yaroslav - sound producer on the radio number 1 in Russia. Also he composer and he creates music arranges. He records, mixes and works on final sound master for all our musical tracks.
The work with sound is not just an art and a kind of self-expression for us. The nature of sound is our whole life!

Nadya Salnikova`s education:
Music school, 8 years – piano section (diploma with honours)
The Gnesins Russian College of Music, 4 years – conductor section (diploma with honours)
Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography Versions State University of Cinematography, 5 years (VGIK) – film and television director, sound director
Graduate studies in Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography Versions State University of Cinematography(VGIK) –5 years, film and television producer, Ph.D. in Economics

Jaroslav Chernobrov`s education:
Music school, 7 years – choir section
Music school, 4 years – vocal section
Music college, 4 years – choir and ensemble section

We will be waiting for your decision!
Thank you!

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