Sid Dahou

Algeria, Sougueur






Hello Guys.

This is me Sid Dahou i do live in algeria, you know it's in north Africa, i'm into music since years ago, and i'm in love with it, and my biggest dreams is to be a super star out there, i want to inspire people through my music, and share my stories with all the world, i've been through a lot's in my life and i've been fighting hard just to survive just to be a step closer to my dreams, one of my wishes is to be the voice of the broken hearts, to give hope to them, and i try my best to give them a reason to live this life and work hard for thier rights. I dream to make a lot's of fans who has stories like me or even more. well here i am trying my best to make this real, i want my journey to be a story that's going to be told by a lots of people for this century, i'll fight for this till the end of my life. well when it comes to music,
i'm a singer and i do play Guitar, Paino and Bass, i'm
able to write songs, and i love making new music original songs, and i hope that someday i'll get to the place i'm dreaming of, and give people hope and make them believe in thier dreams and themselves. and like i used to say ( Dream big, get bigger )./// Sid Dahou.

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Guns N Roses - Don_t Cry - Cover by Sid Dahou


30 seconds to mars - Dangerous night - cover by Sid Dahou


Selena Gomez ft Marshmellow__wolves__Cover


Light up the world__Original song


I can_t save you ( Original )


selena gomez - the heart wants what it w


17 March
@pink #whateveryouwant check out the cover, the link in the bio. #pink #cover #youtubecover…
16 March
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15 March
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12 March
Check out the link in the Bio. #music #musician #piano #playingpiano #keyboard
11 March
ericclapton #tearsinheaven Go guys check out my covers on the link in the bio. #ericclapton…
10 March
Go guys and check out my covers the link is in the bio . #guitar #guitaracoustic…
08 March
#guitar #electricguitar #acousticguitar #acoustic #music #musicians
08 March
Jamming with friends, it was really fun <3 #guitar #pop #algerianpop #algeria #algerianmusic…
14 January
My new cover on youtube : Sid Dahou or the link in the bio. calumscott #youarethereason…
31 December
Happy new year to every single one of you, wish this year is ganna be way much better and things…
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