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I'm a high school student from the SF Bay Area. I've been accepted to Berklee College of Music, but I've decided to attend University of Wisconsin this fall. I've been playing piano for 14 years. I am also a YouTuber and Instagram enthusiast.
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Revolutionary Etude by Frederic Chopin


Dance in Bulgarian Rhythm No. 6 by Bela Bartok


Dance in Bulgarian Rhythm number 4


01 January
Day 16-18 of #100daysofpractice 🤣
Last video of 2017 and I'm still rocking in my @UCLA hoodie, let's hope for the best in 2018!!!
The ending of this Sonetto 123 by Franz Liszt puts 2017 to a close :)
Sheung Man Sherman Ng @ Instagram
31 December
2017 has been an up-and-down year for me, with lots of gut-wretching and disappointing moments, but at the same time, a huge change for me. Hopefully 2018 will be better #2017bestnine
Sheung Man Sherman Ng @ Instagram
27 December
Merry (late) Christmas to y'all!
Just took a short walk around @ucdavis, really cool campus!
Featuring some squirrels
@ucdavis @ucdavis_studentlife #ucdavis #uc #wildlife #collegeswag #davis @sacramentokings #squirrels
Sheung Man Sherman Ng @ Instagram
09 December
Day ?? of #100daysofpractice 😂
I lost count, sorry!!!!
Finally back on the Gram, sorry guys I've been busy with college applications but I'm mostly done!!!! I've applied to 14 music schools, wish me luck!!!!
@uscedu and @ucla: BE GOOD TO ME!!!! This is part of Bartok's Dance in Bulgarian Rhythm No. 6
Sheung Man Sherman Ng @ Instagram
21 November
Day 15 of #100daysofpractice
I'm storming this Revolutionary Etude for no good reason 😈
I'm performing this piece at the school concert tomorrow, it's gonna be lit ;)
Come to the concert at Caldewell Theater tomorrow at 7 PM!!!!!
Sheung Man Sherman Ng @ Instagram
20 November
Day 14 of #100daysofpractice
Back on the Gram guys, I've been busy recording prescreen videos, check them out on @Youtube please!!!!
This is part of the 1st movement of Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata

I know this sound kinda stupid, but I, in some ways, got a new teacher today. YES, A NEW TEACHER, 2 WEEKS BEFORE PRESCREEN DEADLINE. My previous teacher was not helping me improve enough, so I knew that something's gotta change.
I've realized that I've been playing my pieces the wrong way in the past year SMH 😐
Sheung Man Sherman Ng @ Instagram
16 November
Day 13 of #100daysofpractice
This is part of my prescreen video
This is a part of Liszt's Sonetto 123
Click link on my profile to visit my @youtube for the whole video!!!!!
Sheung Man Sherman Ng @ Instagram
14 November
Me with @kobebryant #notimpressedface 😈 #MambaMentality #BlackMamba
OK maybe I was impressed by a couple kids
Yesterday I had a recital at the SF Steinway Piano Gallery hosted by #musicteachersassociationofcalifornia
I played 2 pieces yesterday, and even though I messed up a couple times, and with my legs shaking uncontrollably for NO GOOD REASON 😬, I still made it through 👌
Sheung Man Sherman Ng @ Instagram
14 November
Day 12 of #100daysofpractice
I feel like I've been possessed 😈
This is part of Chopin's Revolutionary Etude, I'm just storming through it BECAUSE I CAN
Don't forget to pretend to scream like @russwest44 when play this piece
Sheung Man Sherman Ng @ Instagram
13 November
Hey guys I just posted some of my prescreen videos on @youtube click the link on my profile to go to my channel!!! Please comment (no mean comments though), LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!! #FutureTrojan #FutureBruin #USCThornton #uclaalpert
#heartovertalent #whynot #talentisnteverything #staymotivated #thegrindisreal
#norest #thestruggleisreal
#Chopin #Frederic #piano #bulgarianrhythm #notnormal #imcrazy #timesignature #classicalmusic #classical #knicks #nyknicks #iamtalent #20century #contemporarymusic #contemporary #hungarian @instapianista @pianomussicc @piano @_piano_music_ @uscedu @ucla @classicalpianocovers @uscthornton @uclaalpert
Sheung Man Sherman Ng @ Instagram
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